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How to Make Your Own Anime Stickers at Home

Are you an anime fan? Do you want to decorate your laptop, water bottle, or car with some cute anime stickers? Why not create your own? Making your own anime stickers can be a fun and creative project for any otaku. In this article, we will guide you step-by-step on how to make your own anime stickers at home.

Materials Needed

Before we dive into the process of making anime stickers, let's gather all of the required materials:

- Printer and ink

- White sticker paper or vinyl sheets

- Scissors or craft knife

- Clear tape or laminating sheets (optional)

- Computer software for designing (e.g., Adobe Illustrator)

Once you have all the necessary materials ready let’s move onto preparing our designs.

Designing Your Anime Sticker

The first step is creating a design that reflects your favorite character from animes such as Naruto Shippuden, Demon Slayer: Kimetsu No Yaiba , My Hero Academia and many more! You can either download free clip arts from websites like or design one based on yourself.

If you're familiar with graphic design software like Adobe Illustrator, it would be much easier for you to create those unique characters by incorporating different shapes using the pen tool. But fret not if not because there are several online resources that offer pre-made templates where all you need is just add in text - voila instant cool looking custom new sticker!

Printing Your Designs

After finalizing your designs save them as PNGs format so it won't lose its quality. Now comes time to print out these adorable artwork pieces! Use either white Sticker Paper

Or Vinyl Sheets, both of which are available at a steal on Amazon.

Cutting Your Stickers

Now it's time for the fun part - cutting out those stickers! If you're using regular white sticker paper, simply cut around your sticker design with scissors or craft knife. But if you are looking for something more durable grab some Vinyl sheets this will last way longer than standard paper-based materials.

You can also use the cut settings on your home printer, which cuts the sticker along its borders or even invest in a good quality vinyl cutter to get that perfect shape required. If you plan to make a lot of stickers, or even sell them like us in the future, I would highly recommend a Cricut Maker 3 simply because of its compact nature, quietness, ease of use and effeciency. These are all products we use here at Imaginarii and we couldn't be happier with the results!

Protecting Your Anime Sticker

To make sure that anime stickers look bright and colorful for a long time, It is best to keep them from getting scratched off easily. Use either clear tape or laminating sheets (optional) before sticking them to their desired surface areas be it hydro flasks, laptops water bottles car etc. If you have the option, there are incredibly quick and effecient ways to do this on a budget using a laminating machine with some laminating pouches. Here are my recommendations for ones that Imaginarii uses:


Creating your own custom anime stickers at home is an easy and enjoyable project suitable for all ages. So go ahead and let your creativity run wild with the simple steps we have listed above!

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Tips for Making the Best Anime Stickers

1. Choose high-quality images - Make sure to use high-resolution images when designing your anime stickers so they don't become blurry or pixelated when printed. Using vectors is the best where possible, otherwise, use 300dpi in your photo editing software and aim for high-resolution canvases such as 2048px, 4096px, or 8192px squared.

2. Keep it simple - Avoid overcrowding your sticker with too many details, colors, or text as this can make it look cluttered and confusing.

3. Use contrasting colors - It's best to use bright and bold colors that will stand out against a surface rather than blending in.

4. Test print before cutting - Always test print your designs on regular paper first before printing them on expensive sticker paper or vinyl sheets. This cannot be stressed enough especially if you're testing new equipment such as the Cricut Maker 3. It's always worth the extra ink rather than wasting quality premium sticker paper or vinyl.

To put this into context, for us we are looking at roughly $0.003 cents per page printed in ink, and less than $0.01 per piece of regular photo paper, however for our vinyl if we messed up would cost nearly $0.40 per page used if we needed to test. That's easily a 400% difference or more and it does add up, so be sure to test first!

5. Consider different shapes – Experiment with unique cutouts such as circles, squares, and triangles that match the shape of your design, making it more visually interesting.

6. Protect your artwork – Coat each finished piece with clear tape laminating sheets for extra protection from scratches & fading, ensuring longevity.

7 . Share Your Work- Get involved with online communities by sharing photos of the anime decals you've made and get feedback from others who share their love for all things anime and kawaii! Feel free to tag us @imagi_narii as well, we would love to see your hard work!

In conclusion, creating personalized anime stickers at home is an excellent way to showcase one’s passion for Japanese animation while also being creative about its representation with the rise in popularity of anime! With the tips & tricks provided above, along with guidance through websites like anyone can quickly get started on this exciting project! This also serves as an amazing way to be creative together with your kids and connect with them in ways you may not have thought practicable before, and can really inspire the whole family to get involved! 

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