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Introducing our exclusive Anime Madness - Murderous Psycho Sticker Pack, featuring 6 captivating and edgy designs that'll help you unleash your wild side! These unique, high-quality stickers showcase 6 thrilling anime character designs, each embracing their psychotic nature in their own unforgettable and artistic way. With 2 of each design included (for a total of 12 stickers), you'll have plenty to share with friends or keep for your own collection!


Each sticker is made from the finest quality, premium, and durable materials, including an extra laminate layer to ensure they'll look stunning on your laptop, water bottle, phone case, or any other surface you choose. Our Anime Madness Stickers are not only attention-grabbing but also durable, thanks to the extra laminate layer, and they're hand-crafted to last.


So why wait? Add a dash of chaos and excitement to your everyday life with our Anime Madness Collection Sticker Pack! Order now and let your inner anime-style fandom run wild while supporting a small business that's dedicated to bringing you unique, high-quality products.


Don't miss out on this exclusive sticker pack—get yours today and embrace the anime madness!


This product contains 6 designs, 2 stickers/vinyl each in a pack totaling 12 stickers/vinyl per pack ordered.

Anime Madness Sticker Collection - Murderous Psycho Pack01